by Jacob Pernell, Sean Manning

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In 2006, Sean Manning and I sat down with Fruity Loops for a few hours and created the great masterpiece that is G.H.L. Ten years later, Sean Manning remixed the masterpiece to create an even greater masterpiece. Here we are, releasing this EP to let the world gain some insight into this really weird part of our brains.



released January 9, 2017

Jacob Pernell
Sean Manning



all rights reserved


Jacob Pernell Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: G.H.L.
Track Name: G.H.L. (Manningzor mix)
All you wookiees
Are you ready to ghlhl?
So poetic and prophetic
Hit you deep in your soul

Ain’t flying solo you know you no longer
Will be alone
Because we’re stronger together, yeah uh
Birds of a feather, wut

Gghlghl, it’s the sound of the gods!
We scream it up to the sky while we’re racing our pods
Ain’t never lost cause nobody will let us
Nobody can forget us
Don’t even try because you’ll only upset us

Take a G.H.L. hey what does it spell?
Say it proud say it loud, while you’re raising you’re hell
This don’t perspire unlike the empire
Our rebellion’s taking us higher. Shoot and fire! Down to the wire!

I take all of my lessons from wookiees
Nobodies rookie
They’re the toughest cookies, oh lookie, what have we here?

He’s the freak from Kashyyyk with the mane so sleek
Yo Chewie take us to the bridge with that voice on fleek